Traveling and Touring China in Style – Luxury China Tours

People planning to travel to China are always worried about the cultural differences they may experience on their china touring holidays.

Before you finalize your travel plans for China, you need to do a lot of research about the country, regarding the food, culture, transportation, vaccination, visa formalities etc, but sometimes you may not need to stress yourself with all these information. This is the reason why tour operators were created; they provide all forms of travel related services from flights, hotels, escorts, cars, food and entertainment for your stay in China from start to finish; all you need to do is relax and enjoy your vacation experiencing the unique Chinese lifestyle.

Luxury Travel in China has not been more exciting and adventurous especially when you choose the right China tour operator. For a country like China with an ancient history and culture, your travel within China can be a deluxe or first class tour by visiting the major cities in first class air travel, luxury and character hotels, using VIP services and escorts making you feel like a superstar. For example, having a plate of local Chinese dumplings in your 4/5 star hotel while watching a piece of Beijing Opera translated in English could be one of the greatest travel experience you’ve ever had. Perhaps, you may want to climb the Great Wall in style by having a French picnic privately or with other visiting tourists from around the world. There are particular sections around the world where many renowned public figures have visited and you too can be a part of visiting these sections.
If you are not aware of the tropical side of China, then, you may want to bask in the sun this summer on China’s most beautiful beaches in Hainan and Hong Kong after which you are treated to a great spa experience in some of the exclusive resorts around.

Chinese gastronomy is another interesting activity you may want to experience during your travel in China. These include Chinese cooking styles and traditions of the various ethnic tribes in China. If you would like to take on this cultural experience, Chinese gastronomy tours is your perfect answer to discovering the exotic wonders of fine dining and a unique culture on your China tour.
Golfing is becoming a popular sport in China especially amongst the elite Chinese locals. This has led to the discovery of some of the world’s finest golf courses and resorts all filled with oriental touches. Some tour operators have deluxe golf travel packages designed to allow international tourists spend some time golfing in the lush country sides of Kunming and Beijing. The best place to enjoy golfing in China is in Kunming popularly known as the “Spring City”.

The special administrative region of Hong Kong is also one of the major tourist hubs in China where many international travelers love to visit. Hong Kong is the metropolitan city of China which is very fast paced and still retains much of its oriental culture. Leisure and travel in this part of China is usually considered as luxury and upscale with first class hotels and restaurants. The famous Repulse Bay and Victoria Peak is a major site of interest when visiting Hong Kong.
China may be under developed but with its fast rising growing economy and exposure, you can indeed enjoy traveling in China with style and class.

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Adult Ghost Halloween Costumes to Make Your Halloween a Haunting Good Time

Get out the glad rags and suit up in style for that night of year when all the stars come out to play in their fancy dresses, suits and hats. Nobody wants to miss such a glamorous occasion. Living or dead, you simply have to be there on Halloween!

Will you be rising from your grave and spooking some of the neighborhood kids?

Nothing quite beats a traditional ghost on Halloween and there’s just something about the flowing white robes, isn’t there? Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you have to look like you’ve just crawled out from six foot under – instead, look like a vision of white and terrifying splendor in an adult Ghost Halloween costume.

If you do want to look like you’ve crawled out from the depths of the earth you’ll probably prefer the Bobble Head Ghost Face Costume in good old basic black. The Ghost Face head is enough to terrify even the bravest little brat and it has an interior elastic support so you can terrify in comfort.

You might need to step up into the Shrieking Soul Costume with its screaming mask if you want to scare adults too. Anyone who screamed when they saw Scream the movie will be quaking in their boots.

The lady that considers herself a class act in life will want to be one in death too. All those ghastly costumes – how undignified! The Ghostly Lady Elite Costume is just waiting for you!

If your other half is a rather honorable gentleman he’ll want to escort you on the big night wearing the Ghostly Gent Elite Costume. Just because you’re deceased doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention to detail so he’ll appreciate the velvet vest, dickie collar and top hat.

Perhaps he’s no gentleman at all. If he’s a rather ghastly chap he might prefer the Ghastly Ghoul Costume. Ghastly as he is you wouldn’t be ashamed of him at all – he’ll scrub up well with the top hat and scarf.

Perhaps you’d like to accompany him in the Ghostly Gal Costume. As tattered and weathered as you are you’ll still look fitting enough for the Gala event of Halloween in this stunning shredded grey dress, wide brimmed hat, veil and gloves.

If you’re looking for eternal love, wearing the Lady Nightshade the Ghost Bride Adult Costume will let someone know your intentions are deadly serious. Who would leave such a beauty at the Alter?

You probably don’t have any royal blood running through your veins but if you wish you did have, the Ghost of Marie Antoinette Costume will at least let you pretend for the night. This sexy costume with crop top and skirt with chains is both classy and naughty so you can play that any way you like.

Naturally, when the elite step out for the night they don’t take the bus, they take their Chauffeur. Hemlock the Ghost Chauffeur is there to serve. If you like to be bossed around or you just want to offer some classy ladies a ride and get away with it, then the Hemlock the Ghost Chauffeur Adult Costume might do the trick.

Breathe some extra life into your Halloween this year by wearing an adult Ghost Halloween costume.

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The Lotus Seven Series 3 Sports Car

A review of The Lotus Seven Series 3 Sports Car, covering development, important features, and technical data of this the fourth model in the Lotus range.

In this article, I offer a nostalgic look at the Lotus Seven Series 3, one of an elite group of classic cars, which was manufactured during the period 1968 to 1970.

In 1968, the Lotus Seven Series 2 was discontinued after a total of 1,370 units had been built.

By that time, the supply of Standard 10 back axles had all but ceased, and a replacement needed to be found urgently.

Fortunately, Ford saved the day by making available the back axle from the Ford Escort Mexico saloon, which had the advantage of being much stronger than that from the Standard 10 saloon.

In 1967, the Formula Ford racing team used the new Ford Crossflow engines as the standard unit to be fitted to their sports racers.

In a Crossflow engine, the design of the combustion chamber was altered.

Although the head was flat, the piston crown featured a form of Heron combustion chamber.

Also, this range of Crossflow engines was fitted to the Lotus Cortina GT and, shortly afterwards, to the sports versions of the upcoming Ford Escort Mark 1.

The only obvious difference between the Series 2 and 3 was the fact that the rear wings had to be widened in order to accommodate the new, wider back axle from the Escort Mexico.

In August 1968, the Lotus Seven Series 3 sports car was launched, and featured a 1600 cc Ford Crossflow engine.

This was an overhead valve unit with a compression ratio of 9.0:1, a single Webber 32DFM twin choke carburettor, and developed 84 bhp at 5500 rpm, with 0-60 mph in 7.7 secs.

A rarer version of the Seven featured a 1300 cc Crossflow engine, which developed 72 bhp at 5500 rpm.

In January 1969, the Lotus Seven Twin Cam SS was introuced, which featured a 1558 cc Lotus Twin Cam engine from the Lotus Elan, which developed 125 bhp with 0-60 mph in 6.2 secs.

Up to that time, this was by far the most powerful, expensive, and fastest Lotus Seven that had been produced.

Only thirteen units were ever built, and this model constitutes what is probably the most sought after Lotus Seven,

Later, a version tuned by Holbay could be used, that developed 120 bhp.

Although the Series 3 weighed 200 pounds more than its predecessor, this was more than compensated for by the increased power of the different engines used.

By now, as a result of its racing connections, Lotus had built up a close relationship with Ford.

Consequently, modifications were made to the Series 3 in order that it could utilise a number of Ford components.

Between 1968 and 1970, at a production rate of five cars a week, a total of 350 units of the Series 3 were built.

Unfortunately, by 1969, discussions were under way at Lotus to determine the future of the Seven.

In passing, it is worth mentioning the existence of the Birkin Lotus Seven.

Birkin Cars was a South African company that manufactured just one product, their version of the Series 3 Lotus Super Seven, both as kit car and pre-built versions.

The cars were marketed through dealerships around the world.

Production began in 1983, and typical 4-cylinder engines on offer included the Ford Zetec and Toyota 4AG.

One interesting development included the replacement of the original live axle with independent rear suspension.

This marked the end of the Lotus Series 3

Perhaps this stroll down memory lane might have answered, or at least shed light on, a possible question:

Which Morgan Sports Car is Your Favourite?

However, should this question still remain unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some detail, in future articles within this website, the entire range of Morgan sports cars which were featured in the memorable era spanning 1911 to 1996.

I hope you join me in my nostalgic travels “down sports car memory lane.”

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